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We love to coach all members of GRK, but it is always great to get feedback from both parents and children. Have a look at some of the comments we have had from some of our members at GRK.

Fraser & Callum's Dad 

Rugby has become a big part of our lives over the last year or so and this is entirely down to drive, enthusiasm and inclusiveness of the “Gentofte rugby team”: coaches, social convenors, administrators etc. In a short space of time you have created a culture where the whole family is an integral part of the club, where kids learns how to play a tough sport supported by the right values in a positive environment. I believe both parents and children feed off the passion and enthusiasm you bring and appreciate the huge commitment you make in leading and running the club on and off the pitch.

Parent Matt

Since arriving in Denmark many many years ago, this has been the best day ever, it's great to be back involved in rugby.

Family S

Becoming part of the GRK community has made the transition back to Denmark a lot easier. Everyone is very welcoming and the whole family love getting up on Saturday morning for training 

Gagik's Dad 

On behalf of Gagik family we would like to express our greatest appreciation to everyone who made Gentofte Rugby Club a reality - all the organizers, coaches, management, supporters and squads. We are very happy that from the very beginning our son was a part of this unbelievable environment and shared and benefitted from the values of team spirit, sharing, responsibility, respect, support and encouragement. This is so important on and off the pitch. Will look back with some great memories for all our family and wish you continued success. You will always remain Gagik’s FIRST Rugby Club!

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