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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you play?

Our current pitch is at Gentofte Sports Parks, Ved Stadion, 2820. Our main field is K2, by the American Football Klubhouse. 

Is there parking on site?

Yes we have of plenty parking on site. 

Where is the closest train station?

The closest train station is Jaegersborg Station. This is approximately a 5 minute walk. The closest bus stop is on Brogårdsvej.

Is the club open to all?

The club is open to all, there is no lower age limit, however we suggest 4 is a good age to start with the basic running and passing skills. Our current upper age limit is under 16's, however over time this will change and we encourage the older children to come to training and even if we don't have a full team yet, at tournaments you can join other clubs. The club is open to both boys and girls and we actively encourage mixed teams. We love that we have a very mixed international background, however this club is for all and we encourage the local community to come and support us

Do you play in all types of weather?

The coaches will turn up whatever the weather. When we are no longer able to use the kommune fields we will head indoors to a local sports hall and keep rugby fit and continue with our ball skills. If on the day the pitch is considered unsafe to play then a decision will be made at that point. We will communicate via facebook asap.

What happens if my child is hurt during training ?

As rugby is a physical sport we do encourage parents to stay present during training and at competitions. We generally have a first aider on site, however this can not be guaranteed. Please ensure your child has a CPR number and that it is filled in on the klub registration form. 

What qualifications do your volunteer coaches have?

All our coaches are 'Rugby Ready', this is a basic course that the World Rugby Body requests that all rugby coaches do, to ensure they understand safety in rugby. In addition to this, many of our coaches have their RFU Level 1 certificate in training.  

My children have never played rugby before, what do they need to wear?

Whilst on the synthetic pitch, trainers are fine, however football/rugby boots can also be worn. Once we move to a grass pitch we do recommend wearing football/rugby boots with studs, to reduce slipping. Any comfortable sports clothes can be worn - as long as you don't mind getting them dirty and they are weather appropriate

Can we have a trial period without paying to see if our child enjoys rugby?


Absolutely, we recommend coming along to a couple of sessions to see if your child enjoys the sport. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak with the coaches during (if urgent) or after the training session (if not urgent). 


My child has never played rugby before, does it hurt? 

At under 6 and under 8 the game is touch/tag rugby. When we move into under 10's we train the children carefully to ensure they know how to tackle and be tackled emphasizing proper technique that reduces the risk of injury. Rugby is a contact sport however and some bumps and bruises should be expected!

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