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Girls and Women

Welcome to GRK girls and ladies Rugby. We are actively recruiting girls and women of all ages.

Girls become eligible to play senior Rugby when they turn 16. However, we welcome girls who will soon turn 16 into this group as they can learn the game and develop prior to eligibility. Eligibility is automatic after 18 years of age, and subject to parental approval between 16 and 18 years of age.

We are a start-up team so we are actively recruiting. We started in 2022 with zero players and currently have six. We want to reach twenty players this season and fifty in the next five years, so everyone is welcome.


João Ejarque

tel: 29 35 53 07

tel. 61 66 59 20

(please use both numbers and/or find me on messenger)

Training times:

Training will take place tuesdays and thursdays from 17:30.

Training will take place at our pitch in Gentofte sports park.

Calendar 2023: 

Round 1, April 22 @CSR.  

Round 2, May 20 @Odense.  

Round 3, June 3 @Arhus

Round 4, August 26 @Frederiksberg.  

Round 5, September 16 @Exiles.  

Round 6, September 30 @Hundested.

Round 7, October 14 @Speed.

You can show up at training anytime, and you will be welcomed. It is, however, a good idea to reach out before you do, so we know you are coming and can be ready to welcome you properly. So, send an email or call/text.

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